About FaceSmooch

Add Fun to FaceBook

FaceSmooch makes Facebook a lot more fun. When you install it and open your facebook chat you get tons of cool content like smileys, emoticons and more that you can send your buddies to spice up your chat. You can also post Facesmooch cool content on Facebook messages and inside Facebook posts and wall for all your friends to enjoy.

How Does FaceSmooch Work?

Using FaceSmooch is really easy, all you need to do is open a Facebook chat of message and brows from the new bar of fun content. Once you choose any one of the animations, it will be inserted into the chat or message area, ready for you to send it to your buddy.

Always Free and Secure

FaceSmooch is, and always will be, free. We believe users shouldn’t have to pay for fun content but would appreciate it if you can spread the word and let your friends know about FaceSmooch. We also make sure that using FaceSmooch is always safe for you and your family providing you with a quality software product and appropriate content.

Getting FaceSmooch

We are sure you too will love FaceSmooch. Get it now by Clicking Here

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